Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I have been doing lately...

A couple weeks ago my grandfather died. So Jodi and I packed up and headed to Ontario for a week for the funeral. When I got back Jeff was waiting for me at the airport, so we were able to hang out together for almost a week which was great. Last time I saw him was in Seattle last August. I have also been doing some reading...
The above book was great. The reason I read it is because it was just made into a film that won at the Sundance Film Festival. So I thought I would give it the ol' college try. It ended up working out. Here is a paragraph from the book that I thought was perfect...
'While Dad was in prison the rule had been to never see the same stud three nights. One night is forgot like a fart, two like a pang, but after three nights lain together there is a hurt, and to soothe the hurt there will be night four, and five, and nights unnumbered. The heart's in it then, spinning dreams, and torment is on the way. The heart makes dreams seem like ideas.'
I am not going to say much about Divisadero. All I will say is that if you haven't read any of Ondaatje then you are missing out on something absolutely incredible.
This is what I am currently reading. I have read it before but I love it so much I am doing it again. Virginia Woolf...nothing else to say. If you haven't read anything by her you're an idiot.
I have also been watching a lot of film...
The above film is by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I watched it last night. Quite beautiful. Not sure exactly what was going on. But I'm okay with that.
Pictured above is Terrence Davies. I have always been interested in seeing his films. So I bought a box set of them a while ago and just got around to watching them. They are quite something. A lot of his subject matter is autobiographical which I like. You should definitely search him out if you can.

Also this...
Beach House - Teen Dream

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Didn't make the cut

these are rejects from a series i am continually working on called 'people and places you may have missed' i am planning on updating my website soonish. it's tough to prioritize. there are a lot of other things i am working on but i am hoping to find some time.
we'll see.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If you want to view it full screen just right click and say watch in youtube.
I don't know how else to do it.

Here we go...